Women's erotic underwear is different from ordinary clothing. The material is soft and ultra-thin, and it is a personal product. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the cleaning, drying, and placement of erotic underwear. Next, let's learn about the correct cleaning method.

1. Soaking and washing of sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie should be washed separately from other clothes, and it is best to wash it separately from underwear; it is recommended to wash it by hand to prevent the deformation of the steel frame of the sexy underwear and damage the material fibers; or use a protective mesh bag to clean; after washing the sexy underwear, be sure to rinse it clean , subject to no bubbles.

When the washing powder/agent is used in conjunction with fluorescent bleaching, it will cause uneven color, fading or discoloration, etc. The lotion should be dissolved in water first, and then put in the sexy underwear. In addition, the use of bleach can make the quality of sexy lingerie moldy and discolored, so it should be avoided, and special detergents should be used as much as possible.

When washing in the washing machine, 3 minutes is enough. Long-term washing may cause discoloration or staining of clothes. Avoid soaking with darker clothes before washing. Erotic lingerie is best washed by hand.

2. Drying of sexy lingerie

After washing, you can't wring it out by hand, you can only wrap it with a dry towel, squeeze it with your hands, let the towel absorb the moisture, and flatten the sexy underwear to its original shape. Wet erotic lingerie should be hung at the middle point of cup and cup, and the shoulder strap should not be hung up, because the weight of water will stretch the shoulder strap.

3. Storage and placement of sexy lingerie

Sexy underwear should not be put together with mothballs, which will easily damage the elasticity of the fabric. If the storage space is large, it can be unfolded and placed like in the store; if the storage space is limited, you may wish to fasten the back button of the Sexy Lingerie, and put the shoulder strap into the cup. Store; then adjust the cup shape to keep it in the best shape, then fold the bottom of the bra up in half to store it. Do not stack heavy clothes on the folded bra to avoid deformation.

Silk sexy underwear should not be placed with insect repellent, and woolen clothing should not be wet, so be careful with the use of insect repellent and desiccant when storing clothes. Lingerie is the closest thing to the body. First of all, pay attention to cleaning. Dirt not only means unclean, but also affects the ventilation, light absorption and softness of the fabric, thereby causing damage to the fabric. Buy a few more favorite lingerie and use them alternately, each lingerie can last longer. The material of erotic underwear is mostly soft and thin. Do not use excessive force when wearing and taking it off, and also pay attention to the nails not to scratch the fibers.

Sexy Underwear is worn close to the body, just like the "second skin" of the human body, so its maintenance should be more careful and thoughtful. Unclean and deformed erotic underwear will not only endanger our health, but also destroy the human body if not done properly. No matter what brand or material of erotic underwear, the service life is only 6-8 months at most. A lingerie that has lost its elasticity and shape, no matter how beautiful and monumental it was at the time, should no longer be worn.

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March 01, 2022 — NanWang