Suitable for the Crowd

Bikini tops with underwire and foam lining are suitable for women with flat chests. The two-piece lace-up style with very few materials is more suitable for women with the right plumpness. The strapless tube top style is more suitable for plump women.

Wearing Hazard

In October 2014, researchers at New York University Langone Medical Center found that as bikini fabrics become less and less used, the incidence of skin cancer is also increasing. In the 1920s, swimwear for men and women was very conservative, exposing only about 20% of the body. In 1946, the bikini was born and the area gradually "shrinked", exposing about 90% of women's skin to harmful ultraviolet light. Coupled with the association of tanned skin with "sexy, youthful, healthy, and wealthy," sunbathing at every opportunity, or "tanning" at beauty salons, the number of skin cancer patients has increased significantly.

Cultural Meaning

Bikinis are synonymous with soft and natural body curves. In the early 1960s, bikini girls appeared on the covers of American erotic magazines "Playboy" and "Sports Illustrated", giving bikinis more legitimacy, and bikinis gradually became a symbol of American popular culture. Bikini is not only a kind of clothing, but also a symbol of human freedom and liberation. It is one of the important symbols of modernist culture in the 20th century and was quickly accepted by postmodern society. Bikini has become a symbol to express various concepts of post-modern culture, showing women's life attitude of loving sports, paying attention to fashion and advocating health.

Dress and Match

Light-colored, light-textured tulle tops are paired with bikinis for a subtle reveal of a sexy bikini and shade. In addition, visually unique collocation can also make women the center of attention on the beach.

The hollowed-out straw hat looks cool and translucent. It can be used to match any style and color of bikinis, which can increase its coolness factor. In addition, the mottled images left on the body and face when the sun shines, endows women with smart beauty. If you feel that the shading power is not enough, you can wrap the straw hat with a beautiful silk scarf.

July 01, 2022 — NanWang