①Design Design is the soul of manufacturing.

Because bras need to be close to the body after dressing, they also have to stay in shape, fall off and breathe during work and exercise. When designing, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various knowledge of human mechanics, ergonomics, and human aesthetics, and integrate art and function. Under normal circumstances, the size is divided into two versions: European size and Asian size.

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②Material composition The composition of a bra is quite complicated.

Generally, a bra requires more than 20 kinds of materials such as main fabric, lace, mesh frame, non-woven fabric, shoulder strap, steel ring, strap, etc. at first sight.

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③Technology and production The operating method of the bra is a collective collective operation. The production time of each standard bra is more than 600 seconds. In addition, the process of functional bras such as water bags and soft beads is more complicated, and it takes more than 2000 seconds. The general process is 20-30.

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④ Inspection After the production process of the product is completed, an all-round inspection will be carried out by professionals. After passing the inspection, it needs to be re-inspected before leaving the factory.

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November 27, 2021 — NanWang