It is very harmful for girls to wear Underwear to sleep at night. It is not only very uncomfortable to sleep in underwear, but also compresses the chest and breasts. In severe cases, it can also lead to incomplete fat development and deformity. Some girls often wear underwear to sleep, which can also cause some diseases on the breasts, which compress the blood vessels around the breasts, resulting in poor blood flow.

Obstructed Breathing

The compression and restraint of the bra during sleep affects the movement of the diaphragm, which can affect breathing. Especially for patients with respiratory diseases, such as emphysema, asthma, bronchiectasis, etc., the patients themselves have difficulty breathing. Sleeping at night and bra compression will undoubtedly aggravate the condition.

Affect Sleep

Wearing a bra while sleeping will make you feel uncomfortable, making your body and mind unable to relax safely, making it difficult to fall asleep and affecting your sleep state.

Affect Breast Development

Wearing a bra for a long time will compress the breast, cause poor blood circulation in the local tissue, metabolic disorder, and affect the development of the breast.

Increase the Chance of Breast Cancer

Wearing a bra at night is equivalent to not having "breathing" in the breasts 24 hours a day. If things go on like this, blood circulation will be blocked, lymphatic flow will be blocked, and harmful substances will stay in the breasts, which will gradually form blood stasis, lumps, nodules, and then cancer.

Affect Neuromodulation

When wearing a bra to sleep, the outside of the body cannot be free and unobstructed, which is not conducive to regulating the nervous system. If the nervous system is not properly regulated, the adaptability and immune function of the human body will also decline.

Threaten the Cervical Spine

Now underwear can be said to be of various kinds. When women choose underwear, they will also buy it because of the pattern, which makes women one step closer to cervical spondylosis, especially the Bra with Thin Straps, which makes the muscles of the shoulders and back appear. Of course, the occurrence of such symptoms is not only related to the thin strap of the bra, but also has a lot to do with the size of the bra.


July 04, 2022 — NanWang