Sexy lingerie with see-through outfit

Erotic lingerie is synonymous with sexy, and wearing it will give people an intuitive and direct visual temptation. With the looming see-through outfit, it is definitely a very eye-catching match! However, when matching sexy lingerie with see-through clothing, pay attention to whether the colors of the two are harmonious. Discordant colors will look vulgar and ugly, and vice versa will complement each other and feel integrated.

Sexy lingerie with cheongsam

What are the characteristics of cheongsam, do you know? Cheongsam can be said to be specially designed for us women. The cheongsam can be worn close to our body, so that our body curves are fully displayed. And sexy underwear with cheongsam, it is easy to make our body curve more perfect! Erotic lingerie not only lifts our breasts, it also makes our breasts more centered. Under such circumstances, with an attractive cheongsam, passion will be ignited, and I believe your dear ones will have the urge to tear it apart when you see it.

Matching professional wear and suits

The design of business wear and suits is mostly focused on the chest and waist lines, so you should wear a full-body corset or a high-side rib corset and elongated corsets. A drape-cut corset tightens and trims excess fat on the waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Wearing trousers or a full body corset can make the curves exquisite, show the wonderful body of women, and make the wearer more confident in the figure and more elegant.

Matching T-shirt and jeans

When wearing T-shirts or knitwear, the line of the breasts will be particularly obvious, so it is especially important to create a natural bust line. Simple designs with a seamless bust or full cup are best. It not only prevents the bust line from showing on the T-shirt, but also creates a more rounded shape for the breasts. When wearing jeans, it is best to match them with soft and comfortable underwear instead of corsets, but if you really think your thighs are too thick, you can choose long-footed light-pressed corsets.

Dress with wide collar

Most of these garments are tight-fitting, accentuating graceful lines and attractive cleavage. Fuller people can use a bra with padded sides, while those with thin breasts must choose a style with a strong upward pull and a padded bottom. Because at this time, it is necessary to raise the height of the chest, not just deepen the cleavage. People with small breasts can only push up to show the curvature of the breasts. At the same time, be careful not to expose the shoulder straps. It is suitable to use a three-quarter cup that does not expose the shoulder strap or a half-cup without a strap. It can not only show the body curve, but also bring a looming sense of mystery.


March 31, 2022 — NanWang