The size chosen for girls’ underwear should first measure their upper and lower chest circumferences, and then use the upper chest circumference to subtract the lower chest circumference and compare them according to the ranges represented by the ABCDE cups. If it is less than 10cm, it is an A cup. If the lower bust is 75, then you have to choose 75A underwear.

How to choose the size of girls underwear?

1. The underwear size is composed of the lower bust and the cup. Such as: 32A/70A, 34B/75B, 36B/80B and so on. The number before the letter is the size of the lower bust. For example, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm correspond to 32, 34, 36, 38 in turn. (32, 34, etc. are inches, 70, 75 are centimeters, generally just look at the centimeter)

2. Measure the size of the bust. (Do not wear underwear when measuring) 

Upper bust size: the length of the nipple around the chest. When measuring, you need to lean forward or drag the breast up.

Lower bust size: Use a soft measuring tape to measure the bottom of the chest one week, that is, the lower bust size.

How to choose the size of underwear?

How to choose the size of underwear
The size of the cup: it is the difference between the upper bust minus the lower bust.
Cup A: within 10.0cm
Cup B: within 12.5cm
C cup: within 15.0cm
D cup: within 17.5cm
E cup: within 20.0cm
For example: if your upper circumference is 87.5cm, lower circumference is 75, and the difference between upper and lower chest circumference is 12.5cm, then your cup is B, and you should choose a size of 75B

How to measure the measurements?

How to measure the measurements?
First understand the concept
Measurements refer to women’s bust, waist, and hip circumferences. The measurement index can describe a woman’s body proportions more accurately. At the same time, accurate measurement of the measurements can help you choose the size of clothes.
step one
Put your feet close together, stand relaxed but upright, face straight ahead (preferably in front of a mirror) and raise your jaw slightly
Step two
Measure the bust circumference (that is, the protruding point) first, and then measure the bust circumference. Circumscribe the measuring tape (to the ground) horizontally on the bust and stick it tightly, but don’t pull it tight at first, start loosening and then tighten slowly; when measuring, use one hand to gently pull the breasts The floor support is higher, just like wearing a bra. At this time, you can start measuring your actual bust and under-bust circumference, and the so-called bust line (the line presented by the bottom area of ​​the breast) can also be easily found
Step three
Waist circumference is of course the thinnest part of your waist, usually about an inch above the collarbone on the side of the pelvis.
Step Four
Hip circumference is usually the most prominent part of your hips. However, please remember to look in the mirror to see what shape your hips belong to. They are very warped, or a little drooping, or a little flat.
The above is about how to choose the size of girls' underwear. If you are also troubled because you don't know how to choose the size of girls' underwear, you can refer to the above content about how to choose the size of girls' underwear and try to choose the size of women's underwear.




November 27, 2021 — NanWang