The main function is to bring strong visual stimulation, make people unforgettable, and bring extreme comfort to the wearer! But what kind of erotic underwear is suitable for you? How to wear erotic underwear to make him more memorable? Today we will come Do some research on how erotic lingerie works best.

With the development of the times, women cherish their bodies as much as men love women's bodies. Modern women are well educated and no longer lead conservative and single lives. They begin to find that the beautiful body is completely naked. At the same time, instead of working hard to make others happy, it is better to make yourself happy first. The happiness of the body is no exception, and a change of unrestrained face will make his tired heart rekindle the flame of love, You are smart enough to smile knowingly. Sexy lingerie gives us the hazy beauty of half-covered face, and makes us understand life better! But what kind of erotic lingerie is suitable for you? Many women have encountered many problems when choosing erotic lingerie? Here we To answer one by one:


  • Question 1: What kind of sexy lingerie should I choose if I am a bit fat, especially for the waist? In this case, you can try looser styles and solid-color erotic lingerie. It is best not to choose too tight sexy lingerie.
  • Question 2: What kind of erotic lingerie should I wear if there is flesh on the stomach? Generally, those with flesh on the stomach can choose the sexy lingerie style with a suspender skirt, which will make the body look taller and will not highlight the flesh of the lower abdomen. Meat. The clothes can be matched with some other accessories, such as some small hair accessories and necklaces, which look unique.
  • Question 3: What kind of erotic lingerie should you wear if you are not too plump? People with thin breasts must choose a style with strong upward pull and soft pads below. Because at this time, it is necessary to increase the height of the chest, not just deepen the cleavage, or choose a sexy lingerie with a little more chest decoration.
  • Question 4: What kind of sexy lingerie should I wear with sagging breasts? Generally speaking, women with sagging breasts can choose some erotic underwear with steel support, which not only covers up the sagging defects, but also can push up the chest and show choppy sexiness.
  • Question 5: What kind of erotic lingerie should I wear with dark skin? Women with dark skin can choose black or leopard-print erotic lingerie, which can better highlight the unique style of black beauty.
April 01, 2022 — NanWang