When women choose underwear, they often pay more attention to these points to judge whether the underwear is qualified: first, it must be whether the underwear is good-looking, can it impress themselves, then it is comfortable to wear on the body, and finally it is the touch of the underwear after it touches the body.

Step1:Check the workmanship of the underwear

The fineness of the workmanship of a piece of underwear is very different from that of low-end underwear. It can be seen that the touch is different. Especially in the part of the needle, the connection, the pin and so on are obviously different. The overall version will also show deviations. Unqualified underwear is prone to breakage, opening lines, etc., which has certain pressure and restraint on women's breasts. It is necessary to observe whether the texture and shape of the cup are deviated, whether the fabric will have static electricity, whether it is a sponge underwear, and the impact of the sling on the skin.

Step2:Check the shoulder straps

The shoulder straps of high-quality underwear must have undergone an elastic test. Pull the shoulder Straps of the Underwear with your hands. Will the shoulder straps bend and cannot return to normal during the process of going back. Moreover, the shoulder straps of the underwear must have a certain thickness, neither too thick nor too thin, so as not to affect the friction when wearing.

Step3:Check the breasts and hooks of your underwear

The buttons on the back of the underwear are a very important part of the underwear. Whether the material is soft and whether it hurts the skin is a standard. Now there are many materials on the market, such as cotton, yarn, etc. The material of the fabric determines the hanging. Whether the buckle is strong and stable, and whether it is easy to loosen, if there is a loose phenomenon, it means that both the material and the buckle have quality problems, which can easily affect the health of the chest. Observe whether the material of the buckle is made of stainless steel. If not, the underwear is prone to be deformed after several cleanings, and once the nine buttons and eight buttons of the underwear are deformed, it will seriously affect the service life of the underwear and greatly increase the unnecessary burden. The buttons of general underwear are: plastic wrap, stainless steel, memory alloy, pure rubber buckle. People with sensitive skin should pay more attention to the choice of materials to avoid allergic symptoms.

Step4:Check the feel of your underwear

The fabric of an underwear is the soul. If there is a problem with the soul, then you can imagine the quality of this underwear, and the fabric of the underwear also determines how valuable the underwear can be, so when buying underwear again , we are going to feel this underwear with our hands.

July 06, 2022 — NanWang