1. Appropriate

First of all, it is particularly important to choose the size that suits you. Women's measurements will change a lot from adolescence to adulthood, so you should know your size well before buying underwear.

2. Comfort

When trying on, the upper body should be tilted 45 degrees forward, and the breasts on both sides should be concentrated in the center to see if it is too tight or too loose. Generally, it is better for adults to wear 3/4 cups, which can make the whole chest look full and plump. 

3. Gather

No matter how big or small the breasts are, women don't want the breasts to appear to be suspected of expanding outwards. At least from the front of the body, they don't feel that the breasts are running to the sides, so a collection of chest-shaped underwear is indispensable. In summer, the clothes are thin and the breasts that are not full enough can also show their unique charm under the action of gathering underwear.

4. No Trace

Summer clothes are mostly thin and close-fitting, so any bumps in the underwear can be seen under the fit of such a coat, and the beauty you want is not even thought of, and the dusty feeling instead is also embarrassing. So a seamless underwear is a must for summer, and the flesh color is perfect with any light-colored summer clothes.

5. Breathable

Breathability is also one of the factors that must be considered when buying underwear in summer. Stuffy underwear will only hurt the chest that needs careful care. Choose underwear with skin-friendly, breathable, and moisture-wicking properties. No matter how hot the weather is, you will not be afraid of sweating on your chest. The itchy feeling of sweat running down your skin has to be endured in public. In fact, change to a breathable milk silk fabric. Bras do the trick!

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February 28, 2022 — NanWang