About Underwired and Unwired Underwear

UNDERWIRED BRA:Women wear Underwire Bras, which can support and stabilize the breasts, and can better shape and beautify the shape of the breasts. Moreover, women with plump breasts only rely on the support function of the bra instead of wearing a bra with a steel ring. Over time, the shape of the breast is very easy to change. In addition, women with full breasts do not have the strong support of steel rings, and may also experience problems such as ligament and muscle strain in the chest or blood circulation disorder caused by the back and forth pulling of the milk duct, causing hematoma and tissue necrosis. On the contrary, although the underwire bra is more effective for breast enhancement, it is only a blunt mechanical way to squeeze the waist and abdomen space, which puts a lot of pressure on the chest. Therefore, it is recommended that women above the CD cup wear better.

UNWIRED BRA:Women wear a Steel-Free Bra, the biggest wearing enjoyment is-comfort, especially when the breasts are swollen during the menstrual period, and women who have breast pain during menstruation wear a steel-free bra, which is better than a steel-ring bra. comfortability. However, although the effect of the upper support of the no-wire bra is slightly inferior, it is very comfortable to wear and will not affect your physical health. For women with ordinary breasts, it is enough to show a sexy and charming breast curve. is king. As far as the chest shape is concerned, it is recommended that women with small chest and flat chest below the C cup will be better dressed.



July 06, 2022 — NanWang