About the touch of several raw materials of underwear

Cotton: It is less elastic and feels very soft when touched by hand, and the fiber texture is relatively soft.

Hemp: This material is also very common. When you touch it with your hands, it will have a rough or grainy feeling. This material often has some flaws.

Silk: As we all know, silk is a very light material and very clear. When this material is touched by hand, it will have a cool feeling, the surface is bright, and there will be a sound when grasped by hand.

Wool: The elasticity of wool has obvious advantages compared with the above materials, and the gloss is relatively full. It is very warm and not easy to have wrinkles. It is very similar to silk when touched by hand.

Polyester: When you touch it with your hands, you will find that this material has a good elasticity, and it is not easy to break and has good strength when you gently pull it.

Nylon: The most obvious difference when you touch it with your hand is that it is not as soft as silk, and its strength is similar to that of polyester. It is elastic and luminous.

Vinylon: An interesting feature of this material is that it is very similar to cotton but not as good as cotton, its luster and softness are not as good as cotton, its elasticity is poor, and it is easy to wrinkle, so this material is rarely used in underwear, but some small Factory small brands will use, after all, the price is cheap.

Natural rubber: Natural rubber is a popular material for inner pads in recent years, because natural rubber has antibacterial properties, and after processing, natural rubber can be made into many shapes and perforations. Sex is good magic quite natural latex.

April 02, 2022 — NanWang